Zoom! Teeth Whitening

With our in office whitening system you can brighten your smile up to 10 shades in just 1 visit!  We believe Zoom 2 is a real innovation in teeth whitening and lab studies have shown it is safe and effective. 

We know you'll love the results!

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For best results following ZOOM! avoid staining substances such as:

   red wine...

And always remember to keep your regular scheduled cleaning, check ups, and other appointments, including shade assessments!

Whiter and brighter teeth can help you make that favorable impression you need to project!  
Zoom! Chairside Whitening system is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. It is so convenient you'll never look for strips again! It's the perfect choice for busy individuals!
Frequently Asked questions Zoom! Teeth Whitening
Q:    How does it work?                   

A:    The Zoom! System uses a specially formulated version of concentrated, professional strength, hydrogen peroxide.  The Zoom2 gel incorporates patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate1 (ACP) in its formula, so just regular hydrogen peroxide will simply not do the job.  The Zoom2 Gel is applied to the teeth and then is activated by the Zoom! lamp.  The oxygen from the peroxide enters the tooth, whitening the stained teeth without changing the underlying structures.

Q:    Is is safe?

A:    Yes. Extensive research & clinical studies show that under professional supervision whitening is safe.  But no whitening system is ever recommended for children under 13 years of age or pregnant or lactating women.

Q:    How effective is it?

A:    The effectiveness varies with the type of stain built up within your tooth.  If your tooth was colored over time from contact with coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, or red wine, like most of our patients, we have had excellent success.   As a matter of fact, improvement of 8 to 10 shades in just one visit has frequentlly been achieved with our patients.

Q:    How long will results last?

A:     Following post op care & routine hygiene visits will keep your teeth whiter than before.  Touch ups may be necessary.  We provide trays and gel to support our Zoom whitening program.