CEREC Dentistry is new dental technology where your dental crowns are made right here in our office.  This amazing computerized technology allows us to provide you with a beautiful custom made porcelain crown in just one visit!

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Old Silver Fillings
CEREC replacement crowns
CEREC is a proven technology where several advances in technology have come together to improve our capability of delivering a superior dental solution in our office.  By combining advances in Digital X-rays, Computer Aided 3-D Design, Computer Controlled Milling and recent advances in materials technology we can now offer One Visit Dental Crowns.

The process we use to build your crown starts with taking Digital X-Rays of the area.  Micro-measurements are taken of your adjacent teeth and your existing damaged tooth structure.  

Convert your old silver fillings to new tooth colored porcelain!   
Indications  for replacement of  your old fillings:

    Are your fillings old, breaking down, large, & silver metal? 
    Are you starting to see small cracks around your old fillings?
    Do your fillings cover two or more surfaces (top and sides)?
    Do you feel sensitivity when you eat or drink cold drinks?

Using the specialized CEREC software we build a virtual model of your new tooth using the existing tooth structure and design a crown that will create that idealized tooth.  After designing the crown, we feed the measurements into the Computer Aided Milling machine.  The measurements are converted to a real crown.  In about 30 minutes, we have a perfectly milled piece of porcelain to be fitted into your mouth.