Air Abrasion

For certain small cavities, Air Abrasion can mean NO needles and NO drills. It is a relatively new technology in dentistry. A high powered stream of air, with powder, cleans decay from small cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, allowing a white filling to be bonded in place. In the right circumstances it is quick, painless and conserves tooth structure.  Dr. Piazza was one of the first dentists in the area to apply this technique and has mastered the use of air abrasion. 
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This procedure's use is limited to certain areas of tooth decay. 

Where possible, our office regularly uses this technique as an alternative to traditional tooth preparation for fillings.

Frequently Asked questions about Air Abrasion
Q:   Why use Air Abrasion?                 

A:    Air Abrasion is an ideal method of removing decayed tooth structure while preserving the healthy part of your teeth.  It is less invasive than more traditional methods of drilling and probing.  As a consequence, for many patients, they need no drilling, no anesthesia, and experience is relatively pain free.

Q:    Can we use this technique on all of my decayed teeth?

A:    Unfortunately not every decayed tooth is suitable for decay removal using Air Abrasion.  If the decay extends too deeply into the tooth,  If the decay is too close to other structures we don't want to disturb, or  if we see other issues, we may elect to use other procedures to prepare your tooth for filling. 

Q:    Where is this technique most suitable?

A:    We find the technique is suitable for children, for small cavities, and for those cases where we cannot use anesthesia.   We evaluate the proper technique for decay removal on a case by case basis. With the many techniques available we will use the least intrusive, most effective technique for your case.